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Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education drives innovation, economic vitality and global competitiveness. The nation faces a strong need to engage students in STEM education and prepare this future workforce for the global marketplace with the skills they need to compete. President Barack Obama said schools should “offer a rigorous course of study in mathematics, the sciences, technology and engineering,” and cooperate with industry experts to help teachers incorporate STEM content across grades and disciplines." 

Miami –Dade County Public Schools currently has 23 NAF Academies under the STEM umbrella guided by the STEM Advisory Board made up of theme specific industry and higher education leaders. These STEM Academy Advisory Board members bridge schools and communities by providing classroom speakers, mentors, job-shadowing venues,  conferences and seminars, scholarships, and compensated internships for  Academy students and teachers.

The STEM Advisory Board is committed to:

  • promoting STEM activities and events to prepare students for college, graduation and careers and for the challenges of the real-world “STEM” evolving work environments;
    • Classroom Speakers
    • Ground Hog Job Shadowing Day
    • Student Internships
    • Review curriculum and advocate for  industry certification
  • coordinating student and staff development opportunities through industry specific professional development and teacher externships;
  • raising in-kind and monetary funds on a constant basis generating revenue from multiple sources to support all activities listed above.